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Company A-B. Conway Garlington, Laurens.
Now mark off the circumference distance, which is represented above by A-B, and reduce it in scale for convenience.
Plato, Republic 370a-b. 242. +Transliteration: ergon.
When this lagoon has been entirely silted up and converted into land, the forest-covered surface A-B will extend once more over the whole area A-B-E, and a second mass of vegetable matter, D-E, forming three feet more of coal, will accumulate.
Whereas in the region A-B, where the growth of the forest has never been interrupted by submergence, there will simply be one seam, two yards thick, corresponding to the united thickness of the beds B-E and B-C.
It appears that the alternating strata of whitish granitiform gneiss and black hornblende-schist were first cut by a greenstone dike, about 2 1/2 feet wide; then the crack a-b passed through all these rocks, and was filled up with quartz.
If, therefore, the opposite sides of such irregular fissures slide upon each other, that is to say, if there be a fault, as in the case of so many mineral veins, the parallelism of the opposite walls is at once entirely destroyed, as will be readily seen by studying Figures 633 to 635. Let a-b, Figure 633, be a line of fracture traversing a rock, and let a-b, Figure 634, represent the same line.
Another section shows the embankment below the line A-B, which, as stated, is ten feet high upon a base thirty-seven feet wide, and with a summit platform twenty-two feet wide, which forms the floor of the house.
The life of the apprentice to any art is both unstrained and pleasing; it is strewn with small successes in the midst of a career of failure, patiently supported; the heaviest scholar is conscious of a certain progress; and if he come not appreciably nearer to the art of Shakespeare, grows letter-perfect in the domain of A-B, ab.

Examples of A-b

Example #1
It was not for lack of courage of the troops, for that morning they had displayed valor and over come obstacles which would have baffled and dismayed less bold spirits.
Example #2
It was not the want of Generalship, for General Early had wisely planned.
Example #3
The distance a vertical line makes between B and the chord dine is the pitch at the point where the angle is being tested, and it should coincide with the specified pitch.
Example #4
For example, if that place is 2 feet radius from the centre, then the circumference will be 2 feet X 2 = 4 feet diameter, which, if multiplied by 3.1416 = 15.56 feet circumference.
Example #5
Liddell and Scott definition: "work . . .
Example #6
Poiesei hos egomai ten polin hemetera chreia.