A-listening in a sentence

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How to use a-listening in a sentence. A-listening pronunciation.

He said that all them footling little beasts were a-listening to 'em, and they told him all about it.
Once more he roused himself, heard the storm raving on-over buried graves and curtained beds, heedless of human heeding-fell a-listening to its shriek-broken roar, and so into a soundless and dreamless sleep.
The all three of 'ems in the wash-house a-listening to every word you speaks.

Examples of A-listening

Example #1
I remember he told me more about the woods than I know myself-and I reckon I could teach his business to any gamekeeper or poacher in England.
Example #2
I don't say as how he knew the difference between a stoat and a weasel-he didn't.
Example #3
He woke so suddenly that for a moment he knew himself only for somebody he knew.
Example #4
But presently the sweet enemy was again within his outworks.
Example #5
I'm not going to begin these sort of charity goings-on at my time of life, so don't you think it, Nell.
Example #6
We've got on all right all these years and no favours asked.