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How to use a-roving in a sentence. A-roving pronunciation.

So we'll go no more a-roving.
He, the Louis Ferdinand, had fine qualities; but went far a-roving, into radicalism, into romantic love, into champagne; and was cut down on the threshold of Jena, desperately fighting,-perhaps happily for him.
And like a phantom through the glades, With tender breast aglow, The goddess in me laughed to hear Your horns a-roving go.

Examples of A-roving

Example #1
Son of a Roundhead are you?
Example #2
What, Whitbread, is it true what people say?
Example #3
From little Ferdinand's room Friedrich Wilhelm has himself rolled into Queen Sophie's.
Example #4
This is the Father of that fine Louis Ferdinand, who was killed at Jena; concerning whom Berlin, in certain emancipated circles of it, still speaks with regret.
Example #5
QUARRY You hunted me with all the pack, Too blind, too blind, to see By no wild hope of force or greed Could you make sure of me.
Example #6
That though with captive limbs I lay, Stilled breath and vanquished eyes, He that hunts Love with horse and hound Hunts out his heart and eyes.