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How to use a-telling in a sentence. A-telling pronunciation.

What be you a-telling I of?
Whose praise all the world was a-telling; She played on the harp, And caught several carp, That accomplished Young Lady of Welling.
But, bless ye, they had but one oar; for they'd thrown a' t' others after me; so yo' may reckon, it were some time afore we could reach t' ship; an' a've heerd tell, a were a precious sight to look on, for my clothes was just hard frozen to me, an' my hair a'most as big a lump o' ice as yon iceberg he was a-telling us on; they rubbed me as missus theere were rubbing t' hams yesterday, and gav' me brandy; an' a've niver getten t' frost out o' my bones for a' their rubbin', and a deal o' brandy as I 'ave ta'en sin'.

Examples of A-telling

Example #1
We was saying, how be you in this sharp weather, Mrs. Reed? VASHTI.
Example #2
Good evening, Mrs. Reed, and how be you keeping this cold weather? VASHTI.
Example #3
And she said, "Oh, my life!
Example #4
There was an Old Person of Cheadle, Was put in the stocks by the beadle; For stealing some pigs, Some coats, and some wigs, That horrible Person of Cheadle.
Example #5
Well, we were i' th' southern seas, a-seeking for good whaling-ground; and, close on our larboard beam, there were a great wall o' ice, as much as sixty feet high.
Example #6
That were cold, a can tell the'!