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How to use absyrtu in a sentence. Absyrtu pronunciation.

I an infant of the house of York, Into as many gobbets will I cut it As wild Medea young Absyrtus did.
Into as many gobbets will I cut it As wild Medea young Absyrtus did.
So at midnight they went up the bank, and found Medeia; and beside came Absyrtus her young brother, leading a yearling lamb.
Better so, than to wander forever, disgraced by the guilt of my princes; for the blood of Absyrtus still tracks me, and woe follows hard upon woe.

Examples of Absyrtu

Example #1
York not our old men spares; No more will I their babes; tears virginal Shall be to me even as the dew to fire, And beauty that the tyrant oft reclaims Shall to my flaming wrath be oil and flax.
Example #2
Even at this sight My heart is turn'd to stone; and while 't is mine It shall be stony.
Example #3
The very shopkeepers complain that there is no trade.
Example #4
If a ray of sunshine ever steals into the flinty bosom of a Swiss woman, there maybe a gleam or two still left here," mused the Major, most adroitly avoiding all reference to Justine's rosebud charge, and only essaying to place her entirely at her ease.
Example #5
Then Medeia brought them to a thicket, beside the War-god's gate; and there she bade Jason dig a ditch, and kill the lamb and leave it there, and strew on it magic herbs and honey from the honeycomb.
Example #6
And Orpheus laughed for joy, and clapped his hands, because the choice had fallen on him; for in those days poets and singers were as bold warriors as the best.