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Definition of Aby

  • atone for, make amends for
  • make amends for

How to use aby in a sentence. Aby pronunciation.

They may have fallen out of a decayed cone in the same way as often happens to the seeds of the spruce fir, Pinus abies, found scattered over the ground in our woods.
Take not her part; for if thou dost intend Never so little show of love to her, Thou shalt aby it.
Extensive tracts of tamarack (_Larix Americana_) may be seen in northern Wisconsin that are dying out, and being succeeded by the balsam fir (_Abies balsamea_), which may be probably caused by the partial drainage of the swamps, from the decay or removal of a fallen tree that had obstructed the outlet.
Of the other conifers that are so happy as to have place here, there are three firs, three or four pines, two cypresses, a yew, and another spruce, the Abies Pattoniana [25].
The third species (P. subalpina) forms, together with Abies Pattoniana, the upper edge of the timberline on the portion of the Cascades opposite the Sound.
The Forests of Oregon and their Inhabitants Like the forests of Washington, already described, those of Oregon are in great part made up of the Douglas spruce [32], or Oregon pine (Abies Douglasii).
Abies grandis, Lindl.) being confined mostly to the coast region, where it attains a height of three hundred feet, and a diameter of ten or twelve feet.
It was while making a trip to Mount Hood this year that he discovered the two largest and most beautiful firs in the world (Picea amabilis and P. nobilis-now called Abies), and from the seeds which he then collected and sent home tall trees are now growing in Scotland.
This tree, now known to botanists as Picea sitchensis, was named Abies Menziesii by Lindley in 1833.
Doubtless the red silver fir, now classified as Abies amabilis.

Examples of Aby

Example #1
Salter, Mr., on fossils of Arenig group.
Example #2
Secondly, besides the fruit of Hakea before mentioned (Chapter 14), Heer found associated with fossil leaves, having the exact form and nervation of Banksia, fruit precisely such as may have come from a cone of that plant, and lately he has received another similar fruit from the Lower Miocene strata of Lucerne.
Example #3
Now she holds me not.
Example #4
In her behalf that scorns your services.
Example #5
Dr. Franklin B. Hough, in his recent "Report upon American Forestry," to which we have already referred, says: "It is not unusual to observe in the swamps of the northern states, an alternation of growth taking place without human agency.
Example #6
We have any number of well authenticated facts similar to this stated by Professor Agassiz, but we cannot give place to them, in this connection, without greatly exceeding our limits.