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How to use accedit in a sentence. Accedit pronunciation.

Accedit Quæstiuncula cur Poetæ Latini Recentiores minus leguntur, Pisis, 1820, 410).
Accedit libellus de Origine Gentis Suevorum.
Accedit commentarius ex variorum notis & observationibus, ex recensione Joh.

Examples of Accedit

Example #1
In his Preface to the _Vision of Judgement_, Southey illustrates his denunciation of "Men of diseased hearts," etc.
Example #2
Partim jam primum Partim iterum atque tertio edit Savagius Landor.
Example #3
Editio quarta: post Georgium Waitz recognovit Karolus A. Kehr.
Example #4
Widukindi Rerum Gestarum Saxonicarum libri tres.
Example #5
Amstelmi: 29] Entry by the second hand.
Example #6
A Londres, chez Henry Woodfall, 1725.