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How to use accident-a in a sentence. Accident-a pronunciation.

It has been an accident-a misfortune-a terrible misfortune"...
Sometimes, it is true, terrible accidents happen even now, and indeed, had any one passed through a certain coal district on the day of which we speak, a scene of desolation and misery would have presented itself; for there had been a colliery accident!-a fearful explosion in a mine through some (as yet) unknown cause, and they were now bringing up the dead and dying.
He was nothing; an accident-a fool.
She had no preconception of it; it simply happened to her, like any accident-as if she had fallen and sprained her ankle.
Hermia had been an accident-a divine accident.

Examples of Accident-a

Example #1
You will think of that.
Example #2
You cannot doubt his love for this young person, and according to his light, has he not behaved honourably, and as you would have wished, rather than bring her to shame?
Example #3
We too often, alas! read these sad accounts in the newspapers, but cannot fully realize the intense anguish and despair among the mining population when such a calamity befalls them.
Example #4
Statues are raised to soldiers and statesmen, and their deeds are chronicled all over the world, yet the simple-hearted Cornish chemist has done more for England's glory than all her greatest warriors or statesmen!
Example #5
But he might become a terrible instrument of punishment.
Example #6
A disdainful pity for the superb young savage just made ludicrous, relieved him of blame, implacable though he was.