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Definition of Accustomed

  • Familiar through use; usual; customary.

How to use accustomed in a sentence. Accustomed pronunciation.

It had been a fine pleasure trip; we had fed fat on wonders every day; we were now well accustomed to stage life, and very fond of it; so the idea of coming to a stand-still and settling down to a humdrum existence in a village was not agreeable, but on the contrary depressing.
I had grown well accustomed to wearing a damaged slouch hat, blue woolen shirt, and pants crammed into boot-tops, and gloried in the absence of coat, vest and braces.
The United States was too much accustomed to employing dollar-and-a-half thieves in all manner of official capacities to regard his explanation of the voucher as having any foundation in fact.
People accustomed to the monster mile-wide Mississippi, grow accustomed to associating the term "river" with a high degree of watery grandeur.
The unfortunate Paulus sat on a stone bench in front of the senator's door, and shivered; for, as dawn approached, the night-air grew cooler, and he was accustomed to the warmth of the sheepskin, which he had now given to Hermas.
Petrus examined and felt the skin, "This is an anchorite's garment," he said; "the penitents on the mountain are all accustomed to wear such.
In Merezhkovski's interesting work "Tolstoi as Man and Artist," the author says: "We are accustomed to think that the more abstract thought is, the more cold and dispassionate it is.
A clergyman writes us these incidents: "I knew a poor family whose son George, four or five years old, was accustomed to pray.
Being accustomed to the ownership of diamonds in her younger days, she knew very nearly its value; took it home, watched the principal papers, and the same evening saw a reward of seventy-five dollars offered for it.
And, having been accustomed to wait upon God for right direction in my _temporal_ as well as spiritual affairs, in simple faith I asked Him to direct me on reaching New York City to where I would find a girl of good character that would appreciate a Christian home.
Sabbath. H- was a man of great faith, and was accustomed to carry all his wants to God in prayer.
I sometimes vowed whilst upon my knees in prayer, to abstain from it and never touch it again, but I always attempted to do this in my own strength; hence I failed, being overcome by the almost irresistible influences it had upon my appetite, so long accustomed to the use.
We were accustomed to meet almost every day for the purpose of arranging the Sunday school library, but would occupy a portion of the time, usually at noon, in prayer for such persons or objects as were presented to the mind.
A clergyman, accustomed to preach regularly in his journey through Fleming Circuit, Kentucky, was preparing on one Saturday for the labors of the next day.
The late Dr. Whitehead was accustomed to repeat with pleasure' the following fact: In the year 1764, he was stationed as an itinerant preacher in Cornwall.
I was accustomed to give five cents each Sabbath at the Sunday School collection for foreign missions.
The ladies of that congregation were accustomed to meet weekly at the parsonage to sew for those in need.
Cooking dinner was out of the question; neither masters nor maid had time for that; coffee and bread, taken by each in turn, served instead of the accustomed meal, and still the customers came and went; still three pairs of hands were in requisition to satisfy their wants.
This utter cessation of trade was as unusual and out of the accustomed shop business, as the extra rush had been.
Next day a magnificent fete was held at the Hotel de Ville, where the Empress displayed her accustomed grace and kind consideration.

Examples of Accustomed

Example #1
Visibly our new home was a desert, walled in by barren, snow-clad mountains.
Example #2
We were not glad, but sorry.
Example #3
I felt rowdyish and "bully," (as the historian Josephus phrases it, in his fine chapter upon the destruction of the Temple).
Example #4
In two or three weeks I had grown wonderfully fascinated with the curious new country and concluded to put off my return to "the States" awhile.
Example #5
He thought the United States would admire both his economy and his honesty in getting the work done at half price and not putting a pretended Indian's signature to the voucher, but the United States did not see it in that light.
Example #6
The Secretary had to pay that dollar and a half.