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Definition of Accustomedness

  • Habituation.

How to use accustomedness in a sentence. Accustomedness pronunciation.

He seemed remote, as indifferent to her as were any of the others dulled by accustomedness to her constant presence among them.
Officers fresh from the trenches have told me that one can lose through sheer accustomedness all horror at the grim sights of warfare, all consciousness of ear-splitting noises, all interest in gas and shrapnel and bursting shells.
One wouldn't think it, to see his charming air of nonchalant accustomedness.
In the basement Jane Foster was absorbed in her labours, which were things whose accustomedness provided her with pleasure.

Examples of Accustomedness

Example #1
A premonitory chill, as from some great sorrow yet before her in the future, shook the heart of Annie-Many-Ponies.
Example #2
She turned her eyes toward him now with a certain wistfulness; but though Ramon chanced to be looking toward her she got no answering light in his eyes, no careful little signal that his heart was yearning for her.
Example #3
In the same way one can lose all capacity for astonishment, I suppose.
Example #4
But a fourth man, who had stood beside them, came striding out to meet me, and I confronted Mr. John Van Blarcom face to face.
Example #5
Oh, but it doesn't take much to make a little fellow like that feel at home," laughed Billy.
Example #6
I thought that stone doorstep of yours was looking a little worn.