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How to use achmet-higli in a sentence. Achmet-higli pronunciation.

Achmet-Higli, had betrayed him, then!
Meanwhile, he hated, admired, schemed, and got a sweet taste on his tongue from aiding David to foil Achmet-Higli and Diaz were of little account; only the injury they felt in seeing the sluices being closed on the stream of bribery and corruption kept them in the toils of Achmet's conspiracy.

Examples of Achmet-higli

Example #1
It was not a half-hour since he had given the word to strike at midnight, to surround the Palace, and to seize the Prince Pasha.
Example #2
But there was a thing of dark magic here.
Example #3
They had saved their heads, but they had not learned their lesson yet; and Achmet, blinded by rage, not at all.
Example #4
He knew himself to be in the scheme of a master-workman, and by-and-by he would blunt the chisel and bend the saw; but not yet.