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Definition of Acromial

  • Of or pertaining to the acromion.

How to use acromial in a sentence. Acromial pronunciation.

Leichtenstern cites a case of a mamma on the left shoulder nearly under the insertion of the deltoid, and Klob speaks of an acromial accessory mamma situated on the shoulder over the greatest prominence of the deltoid.
The bones exfoliated, the spine and the acromial end of the scapula came away, and a good stump was formed.
The clavicle was fractured two inches from the acromial end, and the sternal end was driven high up into the muscles of the neck.

Examples of Acromial

Example #1
Haslam reports the case of a man who slipped on the greasy deck of a whaler, and falling forward with great violence upon a large knife used to cut blubber, completely severed his penis, beside inflicting a wound in the abdomen through which the intestines protruded.
Example #2
Hall reports the case of a functionally active supernumerary mamma over the costal cartilage of the 8th rib.
Example #3
Virchow in 1872, Boddaert in 1875, and Marchand in 1883 report cases of duplication of the genitalia, and call their cases true hermaphrodites from an anatomic standpoint.
Example #4
The accompanying illustrations show the conformation of the parts before operation with all the appearance of ill-developed male genitalia, and the appearance afterward with restitution of the vaginal opening.
Example #5
Horrocks ascribes to these anal tags a pathologic importance.
Example #6
The remarkable grasping power of the hand at birth and for a few weeks thereafter, that permits young babies to suspend their whole weight on a cane for a period varying from half a minute to two minutes.