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How to use adds in a sentence. Adds pronunciation.

He adds:- 'When the reality of a thing is uncertain, the argument encourages us to suppose that our approval of a thing can determine its reality.
The old notion of truth reappears,' he adds- that notion being, of course, that when a belief is true, its object does exist.
Mr. Hall adds:- "The following statement is made by a young man from Western Virginia.
To the preceding Major Nye adds:- "When I was about twelve years of age I lived at Marietta, in this state: I knew little of slaves, as there were few or none, at that time, in the part of Virginia opposite that place.

Examples of Adds

Example #1
And when this unhallowed link has once been established, retribution overtakes us.
Example #2
He shows that there is no fixed link in the dictionary between the abstract concepts 'desire,' 'goodness' and 'reality'; and he ignores all the links which in the single concrete case the believer feels and perceives to be there!
Example #3
It is, of course, BOUND to exist, on sound pragmatic principles.
Example #4
If the reader whom they address believes that A does not exist, while we pragmatists show that those for whom tho belief that it exists works satisfactorily will always call it true, he easily sneers at the naivete of our contention, for is not then the belief in question 'true,' tho what it declares as fact has, as the reader so well knows, no existence?
Example #5
Mr. Rutledge said he never could agree to give a power by which the articles relating to slaves might be altered by the States not interested in that property, and prejudiced against it.
Example #6
He is a member of the Presbyterian Church, and a student in Marietta College.