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How to use admirably-a in a sentence. Admirably-a pronunciation.

Mr. Amherst had spoken admirably-a "beautiful tribute-" ah, he had done poor Bessy justice!
Many will find it hardly compatible with the reserved, quiet manner of the astute, cool politician, that during a slight illness of my mother he read Fritz Reuter's novels aloud to her-he spoke Plattdeutsch admirably-as dutifully as a son.
Mr. Frederick Walker, for instance, drew Philip Firmin admirably-a large, rough man, with a serious and rather worn face, and a huge blonde beard.

Examples of Admirably-a

Example #1
Well, he had made that perfectly clear-and no doubt Cicely was being taught to follow in her mother's footsteps: everyone had noticed how her step-father was associating her with the work at the mills.
Example #2
Then a contrary impulse moved her.
Example #3
So there was no lack of entertainment during leisure hours, but the lion's share of my time was devoted to work.
Example #4
To the friendship of this remarkable man, whom I knew just at the time he was associated with Bismarck, I owe many hours of enjoyment.
Example #5
Mr. Walker's Philip has probably become the Philip of many readers, but he was not Mr. Thackeray's.
Example #6
For all that, he gave to many of his own characters a visible embodiment, which another artist would have missed.