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Definition of Adverbial

  • Of or pertaining to an adverb; of the nature of an adverb; as, an adverbial phrase or form.
  • a word or group of words function as an adverb
  • of or relating to or functioning as an adverb

How to use adverbial in a sentence. Adverbial pronunciation.

Then I laid aside the work, and first began a complete list of all those pronominal, adverbial, and particle stems, arranged first alphabetically and then according to matter, in which I found the recognizable corpses of the oldest Chinese words.
The English adverbial ending-ly is from the same adjective.
Sometime + adverbial ending -s, as in -wards.
Here the _ioqu_ is in fact adverbial.
While the material for this section is drawn from various sections of the _Arte_, the bulk of the particles and their descriptions are derived from Rodriguez' treatment of postpositional (73-77) and adverbial constructions (112v-125).

Examples of Adverbial

Example #1
I have arranged the 214 keys alphabetically, and have examined about 100 of them historically—that is, I have separated the oldest (entirely hieroglyphic and ideographic) signs, and as far as possible fixed the relationship of identical or similarly sounding roots.
Example #2
The result repays me even far more than I expected.
Example #3
A prolonged wail for a deceased person.
Example #4
A combining form from the Gr.
Example #5
A black or greenish black mineral occurring in foliated flates, also in velvety bronze-colored incrustations.
Example #6
A judgment which follows immediately from another is sometimes called a corollary, or consectary . . .