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How to use age-are in a sentence. Age-are pronunciation.

The twenty grand-children of the old Sioux-all of school age-are diligently prosecuting their studies in order to be prepared to meet the changed conditions which civilization has made possible for the Indians.
But there are times when age-and things like age-are not the real consideration.
But women,-women, that is, of my age,-are such slaves!

Examples of Age-are

Example #1
One of his grand-sons is a physician now, in a fair practice among his own people.
Example #2
This man President Lincoln wisely pardoned, knowing full well what a great influence for good such a man could wield over his turbulent people.
Example #3
It seems to me that your own inclination, your own individual sense of right and wrong, has nothing to do with the present moment.
Example #4
He paused, and for a moment Eve looked ahead at the gleaming chain of lamps; then, still very slowly, she brought her glance back again.
Example #5
We are forced to give an obedience for which we can see no cause, and for which we can understand no necessity.
Example #6
That means that I can't plead pretended excuses.