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How to use agent-the in a sentence. Agent-the pronunciation.

He is the agent-the head of the junta, I suppose you would call it-here in New York.
He had not followed me himself, but he had set an agent-the boy, perhaps-upon my track, and this was his report.
The droning instantly began again: "'In social effort, as in the physical processes of Nature, there had ever been a single fertilising agent-the mysterious and wonderful attraction known as Love.

Examples of Agent-the

Example #1
So you see that if the revolution is not successful his estate will probably be confiscated and we shall be penniless.
Example #2
In fact, we were forced to flee very early in the trouble, and as there seemed to be more need of his services here in New York than in any of the neighbouring countries, we came here.
Example #3
Possibly I had taken no step since I had been upon the moor which had not been observed and reported.
Example #4
It was I, then, and not Sir Henry, who was being dogged by this secret man.
Example #5
To this-that merging of one being in another-had been due all the progressive variance of form, known by man under the name of Life.
Example #6
Hilary saw that Mr. Stone was staring fixedly at his sheet of paper, as though the merits of this last sentence were surprising him.