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Definition of Ageratum

  • A genus of plants, one species of which (Ageratum Mexicanum) has lavender-blue flowers in dense clusters.
  • any plant of the genus Ageratum having opposite leaves and small heads of blue or white flowers
  • rhizomatous plant of central and southeastern United States and West Indies having large showy heads of clear blue flowers; sometimes placed in genus Eupatorium

How to use ageratum in a sentence. Ageratum pronunciation.

By the middle of April they had planted a variety of seeds and were watching the growth or awaiting the germination of gay cosmos, shy four o'clocks, brilliant marigolds, varied petunias and stocks, smoke-blue ageratums, old-fashioned pinks and sweet williams.
Most of the plots were given over to vegetables, even those cared for by small children, for the addition of a few extras to the family table was more to be desired than the bringing home of a bunch of flowers, but even the most provident children had the pleasure of picking the white candytuft or blue ageratum, or red and yellow dwarf nasturtiums that formed the borders.
Mrs. Prentiss gathered quite a bunch of the wild ageratum, and then dug up the roots of three wild clematis vines with her scissors.

Examples of Ageratum

Example #1
Each was planted according to the instructions of the seed catalogues, and the young horticulturists also read and followed the advice of the pamphlets on "Annual Flowering Plants" and "The Home Vegetable Garden" sent out by the Department of Agriculture at Washington to any one who asks for them.
Example #2
These were to be transferred to the garden about the middle of May together with the roots of last year's dahlias which they were going to sprout in a box of sand for about a month before allowing them to renew their acquaintance with the flower bed.
Example #3
Once a week each plot received a visit from some one qualified to instruct the young farmer and the condition of the plot was indicated on his card.
Example #4
The planters of the first ten per cent. of the beds that showed seedlings were rewarded by being allowed the privilege of planting the vines and tall blossoming plants that were to cover the inside of the fence.
Example #5
On coming down from the glen I found her sitting on the ground near the brook.
Example #6
How true was the "presentiment" described in this letter, will appear in her correspondence with the same friend more than a quarter of a century later.