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Definition of Ago

  • Past; gone by; since; as, ten years ago; gone long ago.
  • in the past

How to use ago in a sentence. Ago pronunciation.

Though I am in truth a Turk, and those who serve and rob me here are Turks, yet the fellah is the same as he was five thousand years ago.
A new factor had changed the equation which had presented itself a short half hour ago.
So I must bend to my study of Arabic, which I am thankful I learned long ago.
His life, his fortune for Egypt, a country alien to him, which he had never seen till six months ago!
He might long ago have banished the handsome and insinuating Harrik, but he had allowed him wealth and safety-and now . .
Tom So-and-So had sold out of the "Amanda Smith" for $40,000-hadn't a cent when he "took up" the ledge six months ago.
A week or two ago an assay of just such surface developments made returns of seven thousand dollars to the ton.
And because _Madam_, you are yet but a Beginner, and may perhaps be startled at this Doctrine, I'll let you see 'tis not my single Notion, but is the Judgment of a Learned Author, who long ago has written on this Subject, a Choice Copy of Verses, which I'll here repeat to you.
By which means we are very secure; and tho' the Society for Reformation, as they call it, does utterly Ruine all such as are Publick Houses of Assignation, yet our Trade is rather made the better by it; because here they may meet without Danger of being Exposed, as a Worthy Gentlewoman had like to have been not long ago, which might have been her Ruine, had she not fallen into the hands of Gentlemen.
That's a long Time ago, said I; but I believe it had been better for you to have gone a _Nurse-keeping_, then a _Neice-keeping_.
An hour ago Miriam had been listening under Sirona's room; after betraying her to Phoebicius she had followed him at a distance, and had slipped back into the court-yard through the stables; she felt that she must learn what was happening within, and what fate had befallen Hermas and Sirona at the hands of the infuriated Gaul.
The Gaul remembered a certain gold ring with a finely carved onyx, which long years ago he had taken from Glycera's finger, for she had another one like it, and which he had given to Sirona on the day of their marriage.
How is it that you haven't made friends long ago with the sort of people you wish to know?
Not long ago I was rather fond of somebody, but I wouldn't have him because he had no money.
There, and we might have made it up hours ago.
About a year ago there had been a little misunderstanding between Mr. and Mrs. Mumford, which lasted for some twenty-four hours, during which they had nothing to say to each other.
It must have been only a day or two ago that you said that.
Not long ago, when romanticism flourished in hearts and poetry, everybody carried his tragedy draped around him as a picturesque cloak; now it is carried still, but as a jagervest next to the skin.
Sixty years ago Gogol wrote: "What is it that is most truly Russian?
Although these stories were translated into English by Miss Hapgood over twenty years ago, they have never had any vogue among English-speaking people, and indeed they have produced very little impression anywhere outside of Russia.

Examples of Ago

Example #1
What Joseph the Israelite did, thou canst do; for I am no more unjust than was that Rameses whom Joseph served.
Example #2
The ages have gone, and the rest of the world has changed, but Egypt is the same Egypt, the Nile rises and falls, and the old lean years and fat years come and go.
Example #3
A new factor had also entered into the equation which had been presented to David by Kaid with so flattering an insistence.
Example #4
The reasons were clear in Nahoum's mind why he should not act yet.
Example #5
And I must not forget to say that I shall take with me on my journey that faithful Muslim Ebn Ezra.
Example #6
Soon I shall go into the desert upon a mission to the cities of the South, to Dongola, Khartoum, and Darfur and beyond; for there is trouble yonder, and war is near, unless it is given to me to bring peace.