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Her bodice was clasped by an agrafe of richest pearls; and the white throat and the jewel lay together, pearl beside pearl, each rivalling the snowy lustre of the other.
On avait remis dans sa niche l'antique Vierge de marbre décapitée par les Jacobins; trois agrafes de fer rattachaient maintenant le cou aux épaules.
Il étreignait son cœur entre les agrafes de son habit.
Il est permis de lâcher une agrafe...
Il était tout battant neuf, ainsi qu'il l'avait annoncé à la jeune fille, et sa blouse d'alpaga grisâtre était attachée par une agrafe en argent.
Men or lads remove the full bottles, replacing them by empty ones, while other hands convey them to the corkers, whose guillotine machines are incessantly in motion; next the _agrafeurs_ secure the corks by means of an iron staple, termed an agrafe; and then the bottles are conveyed either to a capacious apartment aboveground, known as a cellier, or to a cool cellar, according to the number of atmospheres the wine may indicate.
This nimble-figured manipulator seizes a bottle, holds it for a moment before the light to test the clearness of the wine and the subsidence of the deposit; brings it, still neck downwards, over a small tub at the bottom of the apparatus already mentioned; and with a jerk of the steel hook which he holds in his right hand loosens the _agrafe_ securing the cork, Bang goes the latter, and with it flies out the sediment and a small glassful or so of wine, further flow being checked by the workman’s finger, which also serves to remove any sediment yet remaining in the bottle’s neck.
Three gangs of eight men each can fill, cork, and secure with _agrafes_ from 35,000 to 40,000 bottles during the day.
A single workman can cork about 4,500 bottles, which a second workman secures with metal agrafes before they are lowered into the cellars.
This consists of a triple-branched agrafe, provided with a kind of hinge.
A tiny toy needle-gun suspended to the agrafe is pulled outwards and turned over the top of the bottle, whereupon the fastening becomes instantly disengaged, and anything like trouble, uncleanliness, or annoyance is entirely avoided.

Examples of Agrafe

Example #1
Had it not been for those starry eyes that looked out so full of mournful splendor, her face might have seemed too statuesque in its beauty; but from their dark depths all the enthusiasm of a nature that had concentrated its every emotion into one master-passion, lit up her face with flashes that came and went like summer lightning.
Example #2
Like a mourning Juno she stood in the long black velvet dress that sharply defined the outlines of her faultless bust and fell in graceful folds around her stately figure.
Example #3
C'était une sorte de palladium que les générations successives des Héricourt respectaient pieusement.
Example #4
Longtemps il dut frapper à la porte cochère encastrée dans les hauts murs crépis de frais.
Example #5
Edme Lyrisse se désespérait avec eux de ses orgueils méconnus.
Example #6
Cependant il apprit à se servir de la trompette.