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How to use ahala in a sentence. Ahala pronunciation.

Maelius distributes corn to the citizens, for which he is accused of wishing to be king, and is assassinated by Servilius Ahala.
Ahala impeached and exiled Rome. 437.
Indeed, if leaders were wanted for the purpose of delivering the country, what need was there of my instigating the Bruti, one of whom saw every day in his house the image of Lucius Brutus, and the other saw also the image of Ahala?
I call them Cascas, or Ahalas?

Examples of Ahala

Example #1
Great famine in Rome; Sp.
Example #2
Comedies prohibited performance at Athens. 439.
Example #3
The prohibition of comedy repealed at Athens. Syracuse, the predominant state in Sicily, reaches the height of its prosperity.
Example #4
Spartacus becomes king of Bosporus.
Example #5
Still, out of the same topics, as I have said before, arguments are derived for the most important and the most trivial inquiries.
Example #6
Were these the men to seek counsel from the ancestors of others rather than from their own?