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Ferritch Agha Suachli, Ferritch Ajoke (formerly condemned to be shot), and Ferritch Baggara; and it may be easily imagined that a corps composed of such material was an awkward enemy for the Baris.
I now heard shots upon my left at the extreme flank, where I had posted a few of the best shots of the "Forty Thieves," including Ferritch Ajoke.
One lioness killed by myself; one leucotis buck by Mr. Baker; one leucotis buck by Abd-el-Kader; two does of the same species by Ferritch Ajoke; and the natives had speared three calves.

Examples of Ajoke

Example #1
After a few days, the ground became almost too hot for the natives.
Example #2
They now ascended high trees, from which they could survey the country and direct the movements of their scouts.
Example #3
The wind was very light, therefore the fire travelled slowly, and the game advanced at an easy pace.
Example #4
In this neighbourhood there is dry land with many villages, but the entire country has been pillaged by Kutchuk Ali's people-the natives murdered, the women carried off, &c. "Raouf Bey counted the bodies of eighteen natives who had been shot near the trader's camp.
Example #5
Total, one lioness and seven antelopes, ALL of which were to be eaten.
Example #6
To-day a force of 700 men cut about a mile and a half.