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Definition of Al

  • the chemical symbol for aluminum.
  • a state in the southeastern United States on the Gulf of Mexico; one of the Confederate states during the American Civil War
  • a silvery ductile metallic element found primarily in bauxite

How to use al in a sentence. Al pronunciation.

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The hote summer hadde made his hewe al broun.
Belle, in Armenian there are four conjugations of verbs; the first end in al, the second in yel, the third in oul, and the fourth in il.
Well, Al, feel like walkin', do you?
Then he said: "Al, I don't want you to get the idea from what happened at the table just now-that foolishness about Rachel Ellis-that your grandmother ain't a sensible woman.
He did not finish the sentence, but instead turned to his grandson and said: "Al, why don't you look around the hardware store here while I open the mail and the safe.
Al, have you given any thought to what you're goin' to do from this on?
Al, all you need now is a chance to go to work.
Then, as if realizing that he had talked more than usual, he called, brusquely: "Come on, Al, come on.
Well, Al, what have you got to say?
Gertie next day confided that she didn't care two cents for that stuck-up Al Speranza, anyway; she had let him see her home only because Sam had danced so many times with Elsie Wixon at the ball that night.
It was not a convincing answer, the general opinion being that that was exactly how Al Speranza did act.
Al Speranzy he says to me: 'Ves,' he says, 'if you don't deliver that lumber to old man Calvin to-day you don't get no money, see.
Well, Al, of course I can't make you stay by main force.
Noticed that, ain't you, Al?
We'll watch and see that Eddie Raymond and Al here don't get into mischief while you're gone.
You wouldn't want Al to go off and leave Z. Snow and Company when him and you are gettin' on so much better.
Now, when she returned he was eagerly awaiting her and would have haunted the parsonage before and after working hours of every day as well as the evening, if she had permitted, and when with her assumed a proprietary air which was so obvious that even Mr. Price felt called upon to comment on it. "Say, Al," drawled Issachar, "cal'late you've cut out Eddie Raymond along with Helen, ain't ye?
Say, Al, why don't you poetry-makin' fellers try a new one once in a while?
Labe," to Mr. Keeler, who came into the office from the inner room, "which girl do you cal'late Al here is wavin' by-bye to this mornin'?

Examples of Al

Example #1
It was Mumford who saw the advertisement and made the suggestion.
Example #2
But-you don't mean that it's necessary?
Example #3
And certainly he was a good felaw; Full many a draught of wine he hadde draw, From Burdeaux ward, while that the chapmen slepe, Of nice conscience took he no kepe.
Example #4
About his nekke under his arm adoun.
Example #5
Now, have you understood me?
Example #6
In those examples, to command and hate are verbs.