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His mother, the fair Alcmena, wife of Amphitryon, having found favor in the eyes of the god Jupiter, soon fell an unwilling victim to his celestial wiles.
PISTHETAERUS Th(en), this being well done and completed, you demand back the empire from Zeus; if he will not agree, if he refuses and does not at once confess himself beaten, you declare a sacred war against him and forbid the gods henceforward to pass through your country with lust, as hitherto, for the purpose of fondling their Alcmenas, their Alopes, or their Semeles!(1) if they try to pass through, you infibulate them with rings so that they can work no longer.
For the like reason Jupiter made the night, wherein he lay with Alcmena, last forty-eight hours, a shorter time not being sufficient for the forging of Hercules, who cleansed the world of the monsters and tyrants wherewith it was suppressed.
Some modern Pantagruelists, to shun and avoid that manual labour which such a separating and partitional work would of necessity require, employ certain cataractic instruments, composed and formed after the same manner that the froward, pettish, and angry Juno did hold the fingers of both her hands interwovenly clenched together when she would have hindered the childbirth delivery of Alcmena at the nativity of Hercules; and athwart those cataracts they break and bruise to very trash the woody parcels, thereby to preserve the better the fibres, which are the precious and excellent parts.
Alcmena, the mother of Hercules, with her fair daughter, afterwards her daughter-in-law, Megara.
The grand-daughter of Perseus was Alcmena, whom mythology represents as the mother of Hercules by Jupiter.
Mercurius formam Sosiae servi gerit absentis: his Alcmena decipitur dolis.
While Amphitryon was engaged in a war with his foes, the Teloboians, Jupiter assumed his appearance and took the loan of his wife, Alcmena.
Mercury takes the form of an absent slave, Sosia, and Alcmena is deceived by the two impostors.
They learn the whole truth at last, and Alcmena gives birth to twin sons.
In that house there (_pointing_) dwells Amphitryon, born in Argos, of an Argive father: and his wife is Alcmena, Electrus’s daughter.
Before he himself left to join his troops, his wife, Alcmena, was with child by him.
Well, Alcmena caught his fancy, without her husband knowing it, and he enjoyed her and got her with child.
So now Alcmena, that you may see it quite clearly, is with child by both of them, by her husband and by almighty Jove.
He is telling Alcmena what happened during the campaign: and she all the time thinking him her husband when he’s not.
According to this chap, my father’s making good, intelligent use of his time-loving to his heart’s content with Alcmena in his fond embrace.
Amphitryon, now in command of the Theban army, and his wife is Alcmena.
And finally Jupiter will renew the former harmony between Alcmena and her spouse.
But out of consideration for Alcmena here, my father has provided that there shall be only one parturition: he intends to make one labour suffice for two.
Certainly no one will hold Alcmena guilty: no, no, it would seem highly unbecoming for a god to let a mortal take the consequences of his misdeeds and his indiscretions.

Examples of Alcmena

Example #1
The life of the infant Hercules, born of this unnatural union, was threatened by the jealous Juno, the same as the life of the infant Jesus was threatened by the tyrant Herod.
Example #2
In Grecian mythology it was taught and believed that Hercules, the Theban, was born of a human mother and an immortal father, like other so-called saviours of mankind.
Example #3
You send another messenger to mankind, who will proclaim to them that the birds are kings, that for the future they must first of all sacrifice to them, and only afterwards to the gods; that it is fitting to appoint to each deity the bird that has most in common with it.
Example #4
The names of these birds are those of two of the Titans.
Example #5
My masters, the ancient Pantagruelists, have confirmed that which I say, and withal declared it to be not only possible, but also maintained the lawful birth and legitimation of the infant born of a woman in the eleventh month after the decease of her husband.
Example #6
For, as Aulus Gellius saith, lib.