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How to use ald in a sentence. Ald pronunciation.

McWriggler, his western friend, Ald.
BRILL), IV, 1482; ook ald.
Het verhaal van den "coninc van versen" ald.
Over het voordragen met "Stimmenwechsel" ald.

Examples of Ald

Example #1
Toper, the president of the association, Rivers, Bottlesby and Capt.
Example #2
The night the returns came in the liquor party, finding they had carried the county by a large majority, had a grand torch-light procession, and the "Dodger," with Capt.
Example #3
IV, 1305; _Kerken Claghe,_ vs. 212; _Moriaen_, vs. 174-177; voorts _Grimb.
Example #4
Oorlog_, II, vs. 291, 413, 857, 1247, 4354, 4571 en pass.
Example #5
Bloeme_, vs. 108-116; TE WINKEL, _Maerlant's Werken_, p. 368; waai heidsliefde o.a.
Example #6
Roman de Troie_: "Sur les manuscrits" in Deel I. [23] Vgl.