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How to use alderson in a sentence. Alderson pronunciation.

Judge Alderson could not be more temperate, as nothing but water comes on the table.
Reinforcements under General Alderson had come up by this time and the enemy's advance was suddenly checked.
Alderson reports a fatal case of diaphragmatic hernia with symptoms of pneumothorax.

Examples of Alderson

Example #1
At five we have tea.
Example #2
Rice and peas and calavanses are excellent vegetables, and, with good bread, who could want more?
Example #3
Enemy attacks upon the line running from Ypres to Passchendaele completely broke down under the withering fire of the reinforced and reformed artillery and infantry brigades.
Example #4
The Germans finally succeeded in capturing a line, the forward point of which was the village of St. Julien.
Example #5
Wounds of the kidney may be very severe without causing death, and even one entire kidney may be lost without interfering with the functions of life.
Example #6
The stomach, spleen, omentum, and transverse colon were found lying in the left pleura.