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The sight must be grand indeed; and we almost regretted that we were not so fortunate as to be in danger of being burnt alive-the sight would be worth the risk.
The Haughton estate passed to his cousin, the luckiest young man alive,-the same Ashleigh Sumner who had already succeeded, in default of male issue, to poor Gilbert Ashleigh's landed possessions.
They could not open the window; and although the young family was alive-the little rabbits were quite incapable of letting themselves out; they were not old enough to crawl.

Examples of Alive-the

Example #1
There is a penalty attached to the firing of the woods or prairies, as the plantations are now becoming too numerously scattered over the country, and property is likely to be injured by these conflagrations.
Example #2
Towards the close of autumn the grass generally becomes so dry as to be easily ignited, which formerly took place by accident, or otherwise, almost every year.
Example #3
Over this young man Lady Haughton could expect no influence.
Example #4
She reluctantly resolved to marry him to a penniless, well-born, soft-minded young lady whom she knew she could control; just before this marriage was to take place he was killed by a fall from his horse.
Example #5
After much whispering, Peter and Benjamin decided to dig a tunnel.
Example #6
But there really was not very much comfort in the discovery.