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They have, however, at length acceded to them, and an all-American line between our Pacific coast and the Chinese Empire, by way of Honolulu and the Philippine Islands, is thus provided for, and is expected within a few months to be ready for business.
Let us unite in creating and maintaining and making effective an all-American public opinion, whose power shall influence international conduct and prevent international wrong, and narrow the causes of war, and forever preserve our free lands from the burden of such armaments as are massed behind the frontiers of Europe, and bring us ever nearer to the perfection of ordered liberty.
Bi was hailed as the greatest guard of the year, and they put him on the All-American team, but I don't think Bi cared a button.

Examples of All-american

Example #1
Among the conditions is one reserving the power of the Congress to modify or repeal any or all of them.
Example #2
The representatives of the cable company kept these conditions long under consideration, continuing, in the meantime, to prepare for laying the cable.
Example #3
So shall come security and prosperity, production and trade, wealth, learning, the arts, and happiness for us all.
Example #4
Let us help each other to show that for all the races of men the liberty for which we have fought and labored is the twin sister of justice and peace.
Example #5
Anyhow, when they tried to get him to come out for the eleven the next fall he absolutely refused, and nothing anyone could say would budge him.
Example #6
Then Bi stepped up with outstretched hand like a little man, and for the second time that day we went crazy!