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How to use all-animating in a sentence. All-animating pronunciation.

How spoke, from every gesture of her graceful form, the anxious, joyful, all-animating gladness of her heart!
Her son Conrad had no cause to complain of lack of affection from his mother, but the victor of Lepanto was to her the all-animating sun, the former only a friendly little star.

Examples of All-animating

Example #1
It is a melancholy pleasure to the dry, harsh afterthoughts of later life, to think one has been thus loved; and one marvels, when one considers what one is now, how it could have ever been!
Example #2
How trembled her low voice to welcome me!
Example #3
Besides, she rarely saw him now, as he was studying in Lowen.
Example #4
She could not even have bestowed upon her husband the alms of a sincere interest, for, in spite of the increasing number of social and musical engagements which filled her life, one thought alone occupied the depths of her soul-her John, his renown, grandeur, and honour.