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How to use all—for in a sentence. All—for pronunciation.

Surrounded as he was by men of the most opposite characters and interests, and quite capable of gauging them all,—for his intellect was of no common stamp,—he could agree with all of them to a certain point, but could never bring himself to go the whole length with any one of them.
She has the same doctrines for all—for the Pope and the peasant.
I can like you now, and admire you too, sir, and say that you are brave, and very kind, and very true, and a fine gentleman for all—for all your little mishap at your birth,” says she, wagging her arch head.

Examples of All—for

Example #1
But when Bunsen wanted measures, not words, the King himself seemed powerless.
Example #2
The commotion,” he exclaimed, in 1845, “can only be met and overcome by freedom, absolute freedom.
Example #3
Everything in the Catholic Church is open and above board.
Example #4
She has not one creed for the initiated and another for outsiders.
Example #5
My dear, kind, faithful, gloomy old cousin!
Example #6
It seems a thousand years ago: and, though we are here sitting in the same room, there’s a great wall between us.