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I found none specially beautiful to me at all, at all,-such my sad fate!
A boatload of peasants rowing close in shore; a red-shirted solitary figure straying along the water's edge; tiny sea-gulls darting and dipping in the waves around the steamer; a vista up some wide-mouthed affluent; and a great peaceful stillness brooding over all,-such were the happenings, too small for incidents, which accorded perfectly with the character of the Volga.
So starting, Shakespeare had yet (like all other and lesser poets born) some perceptible notes in his yet half boyish voice that were not borrowed; and these were at once caught up and re-echoed by such fellow-pupils with Shakespeare of the young Master of them all-such humbler and feebler disciples, or simpler sheep (shall we call them?) of the great "dead shepherd"-as the now indistinguishable author of _King Edward III_.

Examples of All-such

Example #1
Of learned professors, I saw little, and that little was more than enough.
Example #2
But on the whole _Universal Puseyism_ seemed to me the humor of German, especially of Berlin thinkers;-and I had some quite portentous specimens of that kind,-unconscious specimens of four hundred quack power!
Example #3
For the Volga cannot be compared with the Rhine or the Hudson in castles or scenery.
Example #4
The high right bank, called the Hills, and the low left shore, known as the Forests, sank into half-transparent vagueness, which veiled the gray log-built villages with their tiny windows, and threw into relief against the evening sky only the green roofs and blue domes of the churches, surmounted by golden crosses, which gleamed last of all in the vanishing rays of sunset.
Example #5
In the first scene of the first act the impotent imitation of Marlowe is pitifully patent.
Example #6
But the obvious truth is this: the voice of Shakespeare's adolescence had as usual an echo in it of other men's notes: I can remember the name of but one poet whose voice from the beginning had none; who started with a style of his own, though he may have chosen to annex-"annex the wise it call"; _convey_ is obsolete-to annex whole phrases or whole verses at need, for the use or the ease of an idle minute; and this name of course is Marlowe's.