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From allusions in the sonnets, we may divine that when they first approached each other he had debated much with himself whether this last passion would be the most unsoftening, the most desolating of all-un dolce amaro, un si e no mi muovi.
I am the promoter of happiness, the benefactor of all-uns of the mountains.
I am the benefactor of all-uns of the mountains.

Examples of All-un

Example #1
Is it carnal affection, or, del suo prestino stato (of Plato's ante-natal state) il raggio ardente?
Example #2
He made, or set to work to make, a crucifix for her use, and two drawings, perhaps in preparation for it, are now in Oxford.
Example #3
Nick-nacks, thread, needles, but principally specs and good cheer.
Example #4
The nerves of the Overland girls were getting jumpy.
Example #5
Specs, ladies and gentlemen-fit you with specs that will enable you to penetrate even the darkness of the under-earth.
Example #6
Washington Washington uttered a yell and bolted back for the opening of the cave, taking his torch with him, leaving the Overlanders in the blackest darkness they had ever experienced.