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Definition of Allusiveness

  • The quality of being allusive.
  • a quality characterized by indirect reference

How to use allusiveness in a sentence. Allusiveness pronunciation.

Ian had an allusiveness of conversation which made human intercourse a perpetual entertainment, and Jasmine's intercourse with him a delight which lingered after his going until his coming again.
Had she ever really tried to find a region in his big nature where the fine allusiveness and subjectivity of the human mind could have free life and untrammelled exercise, could gambol in green fields of imagination and adventure upon strange seas of discovery?
She had never seemed to him so much a mistress of delicate satire and allusiveness.

Examples of Allusiveness

Example #1
The contrast was prodigious-and perplexing, for Rudyard Byng had qualities which compelled her interest.
Example #2
Ian was handsome, exquisitely refined, lean and graceful of figure, with a mind which saw the end of your sentences from the first word, with a skill of speech like a Damascus blade, with knowledge of a half-dozen languages.
Example #3
A shiver of pain, of remorse, went through her frame now, as he held her at arm's length and looked at her....
Example #4
Not that he was deficient in intellect, but, to her thought, his was a purely objective mind; or was it objective because it had not been trained or developed subjectively?
Example #5
He rose to the combat with an alacrity made more agile by considerable abstinence, for clever women were few, and real talk was the rarest occurrence in his life, save with men in his own profession chiefly.
Example #6
At the table with the lights and the flowers and the exquisite appointments, with appetite flattered and tempted by a dinner of rare simplicity and perfect cooking, Jasmine was radiant, amusing, and stimulating in her old way.