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Definition of Almsgiver

  • A giver of alms.
  • a person who gives alms

How to use almsgiver in a sentence. Almsgiver pronunciation.

There was a good old bishop of Alexandria called John the Almsgiver, and he and the Governor of the city were great friends.
Don't think, under false impressions, that there is anything mean or shameful in this, for, since sin came into the world, all the good which God so liberally bestows on man, on the just, and on sinners, on the worthy and unworthy, is done by means of alms, and He is the chief almsgiver.

Examples of Almsgiver

Example #1
Something occurred which made a breach between them.
Example #2
Make up all quarrels the same day that they break out.
Example #3
Upon their complaining of this, Francis said: "You have not found anything, because you have had greater confidence in your flies than in your Lord" (he called their money flies); "but return to the houses where you have been, and ask them humbly for alms, offering to pray to God for them in payment.
Example #4
This deputation, returning with the patient, arrived at the dinner hour in the Village of Sarthiano, where they found nothing to be purchased for their meal, although they offered a double price for every thing they wanted.