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How to use aloofly in a sentence. Aloofly pronunciation.

He greeted them aloofly, and a little negro boy proffered tiny cups of China tea.
He was a quiet bachelor, courteous towards Christine, and not at first recognizing in Nicholas a neighbouring yeoman (for he lived aloofly in the next parish), advanced to her without revealing any surprise at her unusual request.
The Duke of Raincy-la-tour looked back at me with cool, clear eyes, smiling half aloofly, a little scornfully, as in the presence of danger the true Frenchman is apt to smile.
Like the rest of the clan, Haley had been aloofly superior at first-the typical Sandeman reaction Medart expected from those who hadn't been around Imperials much-but his stubborn determination to learn in spite of what the lessons did to him had broken down that reserve.

Examples of Aloofly

Example #1
Denise Ryland distended her nostrils as her gaze swept the picture-covered walls; but she seemed to approve of the tea.
Example #2
Olaf van Noord rose to meet Helen Cumberly and Denise Ryland, advancing across the floor with the measured gait of a tragic actor.
Example #3
But in truth he was surprised, the keen interest taken by many country young women at the present day in church decoration and festivals being then unknown.
Example #4
Presently a quick step ground upon the gravel, and Mr. Bealand came round by the front.
Example #5
Before proceeding, I glanced at the pictured face.
Example #6
They probably got you, poor chap, and you're lying buried somewhere while the gossips make a holiday of the fact that you don't come home.