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How to use altera in a sentence. Altera pronunciation.

Editio altera curam agente Francisco Buecheler.
Item: "Duae constituantur in Christo uniones hypostaticae,[83] altera animae cum carne, Divinitatis cum humanitate altera.
Tacitus, in describing the Corsicans, gives us three of the principal ingredients in the character of Napoleon, when he says, [16]"Ulcisci, prima lex est, altera, mentiri, tertia, negare Deos.
Iarbas_ cum dicis, I consonans non est, licet praecedat, quia in una syllaba secum non habet conjunctam vocalem, sed in altera consequentem.

Examples of Altera

Example #1
A. Persii Flacci, D. Iunii Iuvenalis, Sulpiciae Saturae; recognovit Otto Iahn.
Example #2
X. Eutropi Breviarium ab Urbe Condita: recognovit Franciscus Ruehl.
Example #3
Quaeram ista sibi quid velint; Christus De Filius, Deus de Deo?
Example #4
Ecclesiae.[80] "Sancta Trinitas, unus Deus, miserere nobis.
Example #5
It must be owned, that this last is an extraordinary mixture; but I am inclined to believe, in despite of the many proofs of rash and impetuous courage, that Napoleon was in the main, and whenever life and existence was at stake, a cool and selfish coward.
Example #6
His rival Moreau always thought so.