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Augustus Adolphus Dodger, as usual, did yeoman's service for those who employed him, and prostituted his really fine speaking talent to the base purposes of giving impetus to a cause that every year- in England and America-is sending over a hundred and fifty thousand human beings to drunkards' graves and to a drunkard's eternity, and which is costing civilized Christendom every year over a thousand million of dollars.
And we must confess that the process, such, for instance, as that now going on here-this onset of many peoples, which is transforming the continent of America-is a spectacle to excite the imagination in the highest degree.
By your extensive connections, no one can have better opportunities of hearing the real state of _South_ America-I mean Bolivar's country.

Examples of America-i

Example #1
He proved to be a complete master of that shallow sophistry which generally carries the unthinking multitudes; and none knew better than he how to appeal to the selfish instincts of those whom he was addressing.
Example #2
I do not think it necessary to enter into the details of the campaign, which came on at the appointed time; and which, although the real and true friends of temperance did all that men and women could do to retain the law until it should receive a fair trial, ended in the complete triumph of the liquor party.
Example #3
If there were any poet capable of putting into an epic the spirit of this achievement, what an epic would be his!
Example #4
Can it be that there is anything of more consequence in life than the great business in hand, which absorbs the vitality and genius of this age?
Example #5
I have many years had transatlantic projects of settlement, and what I could wish from you would be some information of the best course to pursue, and some letters of recommendation in case I should sail for Angostura.
Example #6
I am told that land is very cheap there; but though I have no great disposable funds to vest in such purchases, yet my income, such as it is, would be sufficient in any country (except England) for all the comforts of life, and for most of its luxuries.