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The whole mighty vision that had fleeted before his eyes in this world,-the armies of Hyder-Ali and his son with oriental and barbaric pageantry,-the civic grandeur of England, the great deserts of Asia and America,-the vast capitals of Europe,-London with its eternal agitations, the ceaseless ebb and flow of its 'mighty heart,'- Paris shaken by the fierce torments of revolutionary convulsions, the silence of Lapland, and the solitary forests of Canada, with the swarming life of the torrid zone, together with innumerable recollections of individual joy and sorrow, that he had participated by sympathy-lay like a map beneath him, as if eternally co-present to his view; so that, in the contemplation of the prodigious whole, he had no leisure to separate the parts, or occupy his mind with details.
Boston at this period is usually described as a noted and opulent trading town,-the Great Town,-the Metropolis of New England,-the best situated for commerce in North America,-the largest city in the American British Empire.
The four great physical divisions of North America-the Laurentian highland, the Appalachian highland, the plains, and the western cordillera-are strikingly different in form and structure.
But, according to my companions, there was NOTHING good in America-the climate, the people, the food, the morals, the laws, the dress, the manners, and the tastes, were all infinitely worse than those they had been accustomed to.

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Example #1
Hence came the monotony which the frivolous and the desultory would have found in his conversation.
Example #2
On the whole, Walking Stewart was a sublime visionary: he had seen and suffered much amongst men; yet not too much, or so as to dull the genial tone of his sympathy with the sufferings of others.
Example #3
It had the air of an English city.
Example #4
Its commodious residences had spacious lawns and gardens and fields; while the contents of its stores, as seen in advertisements that sometimes cover a broadside of the journals, and the number of ship-yards that are shown by the maps to have girdled the town, betoken its business activity.
Example #5
The Laurentian highland presents a monotonous waste of rough hills, irregular valleys, picturesque lakes, and crooked rivers.
Example #6
Most of it is thinly clothed with pine trees and bushes such as the blueberry and huckleberry.