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How to use american-the in a sentence. American-the pronunciation.

Then I look up at the head and see qualities which have made the American-the strong chin, the noble brow, those sober and steadfast eyes.
All right-Goddam! -Or, I will conduct myself as the free-born American-the gay Brother Jonathan.
Here was a well-known American-the Customs officer had mentioned the name of Headon, which both police officers recognized-an invalid sent with all haste to the famous surgeon in Turin.
And you not men enough to defend your rights-the rights held by every American-the rights granted by the Constitution!

Examples of American-the

Example #1
They were the eyes of one who saw with sympathy and interpreted with common sense.
Example #2
I look at those long arms and long legs, large hands and feet, and I think that they represent the physical strength of this country, its power and its youthful awkwardness.
Example #3
I will whittle me a stick.
Example #4
I will whistle to myself "Yankee Doodle," and forget my passion in excessive expectoration.
Example #5
It was not likely that he would be carrying contraband, or be an escaping criminal.
Example #6
It is the same at a far-remote frontier station as in any circle of society.