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From the first, she seemed to have been the nucleus of an admiring circle, chief among the members of which was a family of Americans-a brother and two sisters, rich Southerners, possessed of a vague leaning towards art and music.
In their zeal the Justices went a little too far, painting the Cherokees as a harmless people, who had always been friendly to the Americans,-a statement which General Martin, although he too condemned the outrages openly and with the utmost emphasis, felt obliged to correct, pointing out that the Cherokees had been the inveterate and bloody foes of the settlers throughout the Revolution.
Of course I have seen the Americans-a doctor from Schenectady and forty men, almost all youngsters in their early twenties.

Examples of Americans-a

Example #1
The names of these people recurred persistently in her talk; and, as the days went by, Maurice found himself listening for one name in particular, with an irritation he could not master.
Example #2
But, as far as Maurice could gather, she had felt no inclination to do this.
Example #3
The Governor of North Carolina, as soon as he heard the news, ordered the arrest of Sevier and his associates-doubtless as much because of their revolt against the State as because of the atrocities they had committed against the Indians.
Example #4
No. 56, Andrew Pickens to Thos.
Example #5
In fact twenty-two seems to be the popular age.
Example #6
The first said simply: Dear Madame, Here we are-arrived last night just behind the line,-with our eyes strained towards the front, ready to bound forward and join in the pursuit.