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Well, Jim an' me got a hint of our bein' Americans-that cowboys generally had a name for loyalty to women.
One day, in after years in England, I noticed that in coursing, or with beagles, the track of a gypsy was exactly like mine, or that of all Americans-that is, Indian-like and _straight-forward_.
If we want to make the trade, of course there should be no obstruction, but if we prefer that Americans should trade with Americans-that Americans should make what Americans want-then, so far as trading with foreigners is concerned, there ought to be an obstruction.

Examples of Americans-that

Example #1
Then this amazin' chap-you can't imagine how scornful-said for me an' Jim to watch him.
Example #2
The hotel was watched by Rojas's guards, an' the plan was to make a fuss an' get the girl away in the excitement.
Example #3
I never found a Saxon-Englishman who had this step, nor one who noticed such a thing, which I or an Indian would observe at once.
Example #4
I had noticed the difference as soon as I saw the tracks, and guessed the cause.
Example #5
I am satisfied that the United States could get along if the rest of the world should be submerged, and I want to see this country in such a condition that it can be independent of the rest of mankind.
Example #6
The free traders say that there ought to be no obstructions placed by governments between buyers and sellers.