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How to use and-being in a sentence. And-being pronunciation.

The men were too much done up even to care about keeping awake until supper could be cooked and-being divided among the houses of the village-they threw themselves down, and were fast asleep in a few minutes.
For half an hour Ralph walked by the side of his cart and-being, by that time, thoroughly warm-he jumped up in the cart and rode, during the rest of the day; getting down and walking-for a short time only-when he found his feet getting numbed with the cold.
After this whirlwind Mr. Hoopdriver paid his reckoning and-being now a little rested about the muscles of the knees-resumed his saddle and rode on in the direction of Ripley, along an excellent but undulating road.
He helped them at their work and kept them back from taking part in many a "ploy," which, though only foolish, and not so very wrong, were still both foolish and wrong to them, because in engaging in them they would waste their time, and-being the minister's sons-set a bad example to the rest of the lads, and, worst of all, vex their father and their mother.

Examples of And-being

Example #1
The next morning, the sun shone out brightly; and the men, turning out after a long sleep, felt quite different creatures to the tired band who had wearily crawled into the village.
Example #2
The villagers at once took charge of the animals, and turned them into a rough enclosure.
Example #3
In the afternoon they arrived at La Ferte, some fifteen miles from Orleans.
Example #4
In another five minutes, the carts were in motion across the bridge, and then away due south.
Example #5
He was pleased to find his command over his machine already sensibly increased.
Example #6
In another moment he flew swiftly out of sight under the railway arch, and Mr. Hoopdriver saw him no more.