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How to use and-my in a sentence. And-my pronunciation.

I mean that she should have the appearance, the manners, the principles, and-my mother at least might add-the birth of a gentlewoman.
My confessor is harsh, austere, and-my aunt is dead.
It was you gave me courage, then and now-you and-my love for you.
And yet I trust you, in spite of my instincts and-my eyes.

Examples of And-my

Example #1
Well, as to appearance and manners, I have seen much of fine society from my boyhood, and found no one among the highest born who can excel the exquisite refinement of every look, and the inborn delicacy of every thought, in her of whom, if mine, I shall be as proud as I shall be fond.
Example #2
There is but one qualification which my parents would deem they had the right to exact from my choice of one who is to bear our name.
Example #3
I must die at my post, like a soldier, friendless.
Example #4
The Laura of Petrarch cannot be lived again.
Example #5
And you down there-all alone-to fight them in the dreadful dark!
Example #6
She was ministering to my scratches and abrasions, and I, sitting on the old hay-pile, watched her, joying in the gentle touch of her white, dexterous hands, her sweet motherliness and all the warm, vital beauty of her.