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It was no longer the utterance of human pain, but the monotonous whimper of an animal-the kind of sound that a compassionate hand would instinctively crush into silence.
Our race is essentially a development from a particular type of monkey-like animal-the Andropithecus of the Upper Uganda eocene.
The two men had set out to secure a horse, neither deeming it probable that the one which was desired above all others could be obtained; and yet, while they were crouching in the bushes, the very animal-the one which had been ridden by Mickey O'Rooney-walked slowly forth to view, on his way up the ravine or pass.

Examples of Animal-the

Example #1
But her hand had other duties; she must keep watch on pulse and heart, must reinforce their action with the tremendous stimulants which Wyant was now using, and, having revived fresh sensibility to pain, must presently try to allay it by the cautious use of narcotics.
Example #2
But when she sat down by the bed Bessy's moaning began to wear on her.
Example #3
This monkey-like animal itself, again, is the product of special antecedent causes, filling a particular place in a particular tertiary fauna and flora, and impossible even in the fauna and flora of our own earth and our own tropics before the evolution of those succulent fruits and grain-like seeds, for feeding on which it was specially adapted.
Example #4
Don't let's magnify our importance: we're not the whole universe.
Example #5
The most noticeable feature of the scene was that he was bestrode by an Indian warrior, whose head was bent in a meditative mood.
Example #6
The experiences of the last few days had been remarkable in more than one respect.