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Definition of Animating

  • Causing animation; life-giving; inspiriting; rousing.

How to use animating in a sentence. Animating pronunciation.

Industry was to be the animating principle of these settlements.
Human unity or solidarity may be likened to the body whereas unity from the breaths of the Holy Spirit is the spirit animating the body.
We will therefore investigate religion, seeking from an unprejudiced standpoint to discover whether it is the source of illumination, the cause of development and the animating impulse of all human advancement.
From this review of the history of the Jewish people we learn that the foundation of the religion of God laid by His Holiness Moses was the cause of their eternal honor and national prestige, the animating impulse of their advancement and racial supremacy and the source of that excellence which will always command the respect and reverence of those who understand their peculiar destiny and outcome.
The moment of defeat and greatest despondency-the dark before the dawn-was that when the people of the country were preparing to display the most animating signs of life.
Her cold and distant manner repelled me, but I loved her, and I had never seen her so beautiful, a slight fever animating her complexion which was then truly dazzling in its beauty.
These events stand in no relation whatsoever to the animating thought of the passage.
The animating thought could be so much the better individualized in the case of Edom, as its natural relation to Israel was one of special nearness, and its hatred specially deep; and as, moreover, it at all times considered itself the rival of Israel, of whose advantages it was envious.
Yet here, as well as everywhere else in the threatenings and promises of the prophets, we must beware, lest, in referring them to some particular historical event, we lose sight of the animating idea.
Only in these latter days has the world become faintly conscious of the real Force working behind and through all things-the soul of the Divine, or the Psychic element, animating and inspiring all visible and invisible Nature.
But Suetonius animating his troops, they boldly attacked the inhabitants, routed them in the field, and burned the Druids in the same fires which had been prepared by those priests for the catastrophe of the invaders, destroying at the same time all the consecrated groves and altars in the island.
The possession of property became precarious; industry, in all its branches, was effectually discouraged, and the amor patriae, which had formerly been the animating principle of the nation, was almost universally extinguished.
It was with fine fervor animating him that he entered the gloomy offices of Mainprice, Mainprice & Boole.
Ephraim was among them animating others by his tireless vigor.
And teaching, if it is pleasant, animating, and exciting to one, may be so to all.
Here, now, is experimenting upon the mind-the production of useful effect with rapidity and ease by the intervention of proper instrumentality-the conversion, by means of a little knowledge of human nature, of that which would have otherwise been dull and fatiguing labor into a most animating sport, giving pleasure to twenty instead of tedious labor to one.
You will take pleasure in observing the sudden transition from the silence of study hours to the joyful sounds and the animating activity of recess when the Study Card goes down; and then when it rises again at the close of the recess, you will be gratified to observe how suddenly the sounds which have filled the air, and made the room so lively a scene, are hushed into silence by the single and almost inaudible touch of that little bell.
The animating soul of the new warfare was Marcus Claudius Marcellus, a man fifty years of age, who had received a severe military training, and performed acts of signal heroism.
Did it move them, hurry them, animating the giants and gnomes of one, the elves and sprites of the other, and putting animal nature out of its fashionable front rank?
And thus I separated, with all the kindness which we had maintained for many years, from a friend, who, though old enough to have been the companion of my mother, was yet, in gaiety of spirits and admirable sweetness of temper, capable of being agreeable, and even animating society, for those who write themselves in the vaward of youth, an advantage which I have lost for these five-and-thirty years.

Examples of Animating

Example #1
Prayer and psalmody were to have their stated hours, but by no means to intrude on those devoted to useful labour.
Example #2
There is one reservation" (and that one only too necessary then), "that slaves were not bound to obey their master, if he should order what is contrary to the law of God.
Example #3
This is a perfect unity.
Example #4
This is greater than the unity of mankind.
Example #5
We will investigate independently, free from the restrictions of dogmatic beliefs, blind imitations of ancestral forms, and the influence of mere human opinion; for as we enter this question we will find some who declare that religion is a cause of uplift and betterment in the world, while others assert just as positively that it is a detriment and a source of degradation to mankind.
Example #6
It has been the basis of all civilization and progress in the history of mankind.