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How to use annerson in a sentence. Annerson pronunciation.

The leader of the procession, a fine-featured man with golden hair, walked forward with bowed head, chanting a single phrase over and over again in a voice as sweet as a woman's: "_Toma annerson ...
Now and again I heard one recognizable sequence of syllables, that now familiar phrase, "toma annerson.
It is a long story, the story of toma annerson, the story of He Who Speaks, and there are things you should see, so that you may understand that story.
And I understood also the meaning of the familiar phrase, "toma annerson"; it was the time-corrupted version of that name they held holy-the name of Thomas Anderson, child of my own Earth, and explorer of space centuries before Ame Baove saw his first sun.

Examples of Annerson

Example #1
The men forming the living wall on each side bowed their heads and made a quick sign; a peculiar gesture, as though they reached out to shake an invisible hand.
Example #2
The procession stopped instantly, and the chanting died to a murmur.
Example #3
His voice was grave and tender; he spoke with a degree of feeling which stirred me even though I understood no word that he spoke.
Example #4
Then he spoke, not in the language which I understood, but in a melodious tongue which was utterly strange.
Example #5
From what I have seen, I guess a great deal, but there has been no time to learn all the story.
Example #6
I think we're through here.