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How to use annora in a sentence. Annora pronunciation.

Elaine introduced her companion as her sister Annora.
Annora proved much less shy than Elaine, and far more ready with her communications.
Elaine seemed to know that she was no longer wanted, and she drew Annora away.
Once more away fled the light-footed Annora, and Guy, rising, resumed his journey.
Annora shook her flaxen curls.
The monk sat down on a piece of rock outside the cell, and soon so completely lost himself in thought that Annora grew weary of her amusement before he spoke again.
Guy started suddenly when Annora spoke.
The monk and the child entered together,-Guy with a face of resolute endurance, as though something which would cost him much pain must nevertheless be done; Annora with one of innocent wonder, not unmixed with awe.
Guy of Ashridge could see this; but to Annora it was incomprehensible.
Had some splendid litter been borne to the door of the little cell, and had noblemen decked in velvet robes, shining with jewels, and riding on richly caparisoned horses, told her that they were come to make the Grey Lady a queen, Annora would have been fully satisfied.
What troubleth thee, Annora?" said Guy of Ashridge, laying his hand gently upon her head.
It only remains to be added, that the fictitious characters of the tale are Giles de Edingdon and Guy of Ashridge, the nurse Alina, Agnes the lavender, the nuns Laura and Senicula, and the woodcutter's children Elaine and Annora.

Examples of Annora

Example #1
Annora proved much less shy than Elaine, and far more ready with her communications.
Example #2
She found Elaine and a younger child waiting for her outside the gate.
Example #3
But she was not asked many questions; for as they turned away from the convent gate, they were met by a monk in the Dominican habit, and Philippa knew directly the face of Guy of Ashridge.
Example #4
Elaine introduced her companion as her sister Annora.
Example #5
The children went dancing through the wood, and Philippa, desiring Lena and Oliver to await her pleasure, shut the door of the cell.
Example #6
It was plain that the eremitess was no peasant.