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How to use answer-a in a sentence. Answer-a pronunciation.

The answer-as to some idiot's riddle-was: Because he did.
This time he received an answer-a brief one.
An oath was Joseph's only answer-a curse it was upon his own folly and assurance.

Examples of Answer-a

Example #1
If you don't like it, you'd better say so.
Example #2
And yet, so long as there was beauty, why should a man feel lonely?
Example #3
The Dean wrote that only a lengthened probation could convince them of the sincerity of his purpose.
Example #4
Everything which he loved there had become consecrated by her presence; every project which he had formed they had planned together; in fact, his whole future-He fretted and pined till he found it impossible to work as seriously as he wished to do.
Example #5
A little while ago he had thought to have drawn so tight a net about this ruler, and here was he now taken in its very toils, well-nigh exhausted and in his enemy's power.
Example #6
It occurred to him then that Crispin stayed his hand.