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How to use architect-and in a sentence. Architect-and pronunciation.

It was a big building, severely simple in design, yet with the rich grace, spacious solidity, and decorative relief of an Italian palace: compact, generous, traditionally genuine and wonderfully proportionate. "Egad, Byng, you had a good architect-and good sense!
I was a _real_ architect-and it did hurt to see it go.
As it was, he played at being an architect-and succeeded in being a charming fellow.

Examples of Architect-and

Example #1
As he came upon the great house, however, in the soft light of evening, he was conscious of no violence done to his artistic sense.
Example #2
There must, therefore, be an air of newness in the new mansion, which was too much in keeping with the new money, the gold as yet not worn smooth by handling, the staring, brand-new sovereigns looking like impostors.
Example #3
And now-O now I've got It and You too, darling!
Example #4
And then-why sometimes dear, I just wanted to run away!
Example #5
My sister Jessica never lost an opportunity of laughing at his endeavors as an architect.
Example #6
IF Leroy Brainard had not had such a respect for literature, he would have written a book.