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How to use arm-he in a sentence. Arm-he pronunciation.

He made a gentle, protesting motion of his free arm-he could not speak yet-while she held and clasped his other hand.
Diantha slipped her hand in his offered arm-he clasped it warmly with his, and they walked along together.
The features of the owner of the arm-he was still holding it-were lit up for a moment.

Examples of Arm-he

Example #1
He sat down, and again he had a fit of coughing, and the sweat started out violently upon his forehead and cheek.
Example #2
When his head at last lay back against the chair, the paroxysm over, a little spot of blood showed and spread upon his white lips.
Example #3
Patience was needed by the hunter, and still more by the laboring squaw; gratitude sprang from the great need-and rarity-of mercy or service; and hospitality is always found in proportion to the distance, difficulty, and danger of traveling.
Example #4
The Spartans used the same plan, training the young soldier to bear a doubly heavy spear, that the real one might be light to his hand.
Example #5
Before the threat could be put into execution, O'Hara, who had been fumbling all this while in his pocket for a match, found one loose, and struck a light.
Example #6
Renford, however, continued to pursue the topic of his arm, and the effect that the vice-like grip of the Irishman had had upon it.